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I make things for people. Sometimes with my camera. Sometimes with my computer. Often it's a combination of both. I work with kids. They are small and make me laugh. I like the Mets. I like cats. I have a beard. I want to leave the world a better place than it was when I got here.


By this, I mean that I am a teacher.  I talk to people about things that they do not yet know in hopes that, after we are finished, they would then know the things we previously talked about.

Specifically, I currently instruct Computer Literacy classes for students in Grades 3 - 5 for two schools in the city of Elizabeth, NJ.


By this, I mean that I create creative things with other creative people.  Most of these things lie within the realm of Digital Media type-y things.  My specific area of work involves both photography and videography.

I currently run a small digital media firm with my brother that we call PurpleCat Creative, LLC.  We make wonderful things for people in the areas of photos, videos, and graphic design.  If you ever have need of something to be made or printed and would like to give us money, please check us out.

PurpleCat Creative


By this, I mean that I am a youth worker for The Bridge Youth Ministries.  I've worked with The Bridge since the year 2000 and served in other youth programs before then.  In The Bridge, we lead and mentor kids and teenagers from a Biblical perspective, showing them the love of Jesus and how they can grow to be all that God created them to be and leave a positive impact for good in the world.

I currently am the Director of The Bridge: Midtown, which is a fancy way of saying that I have the privilege of leading and helping to build up our other youth workers so that they can better love teenagers.

William Hartz

William Hartz

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